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  • Welcome to FDL Roofing, your home of premier roofing services.

    We are a full service company, offering a wide array of roofing services that meet everyday needs of residential and commercial building owners. Our services cover everything from roof inspection, installation of new roof and anything between. At FDL Roofing, we comprehend the trauma that is associated with reconstructing a new house that has been your oasis for many years. We ensure that there are no mistakes, surprises or mistakes. By working with us, you can rest assured that we will do it with beauty and finesse.

    We are licensed and insured

    As a roofing services provider of repute, we hold the requisite licenses that ensure we offer roofing services in Metairie Louisiana. All employees in our ranks hold worker’s compensation and liability insurance, and this gives us protection against financial costs that are associated with injuries or damage to property. Moreover, we are members to professional roofing associations

    We do it right the first time

    We understand the importance of doing the work correctly for the first time. From evaluations, choice of the best roofing materials and installations, we go an extra mile to ensure that we complete the project to perfection. This ensures that you live with it for many years without worry. Our customers can rest assured that if anything doesn’t feel right down the road, they can give us a call and we will return to take care of their concerns.

    Custom services

    At FDL Roofing, we are alive to the fact that there is no silver bullet solution that fits every roofing problem out there. This is where we excel because our team will look at all available options and choose a solution that works better, given the solution that is at hand. In our inventory are wide ranges of roofing products, which can accommodate majority of roofing requirements. Our experienced and highly skilled roofers will take a critical look at your roof with the aim of choosing roofing systems that are most appropriate for the situation. From new constructions, repair services or any other, you can count on us for a top notch solution.

    We offer cost effective roofing services

    Whether the roofing service is big or small, you can count on us for a cost effective roofing service. We are able to achieve this by adopting modern pricing strategies that transfer cost saving benefits to our customers. At FDL roofing, we are your top and trusted roofing contractors Metairie, Louisiana.

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